Alcatel Idol Ultra White

The slim body fits well in the hand and the ultra touch Idol feels as an idol of the old high much simpler device, with a polycarbonate frame in passing wink of the eye, the cheap plastic of his brother. This provides one Idol ultra touch with a good weight in your hand, but that means that the battery - with a slot for a micro-SIM card not accessible, which is located on the right side of the unit. There is a small plastic cover to avoid that the dust on the inside, but it is difficult to open, while that require that you press an end just a little unpleasant, if you us questions. Unfortunately it has no MicroSD in the OneTouch Ultra Idol, what that one means internal memory 16 GB, Alcatel this wafer design in it. Surprisingly, it has a headphone jack on your laptop anywhere, so you are a person who likes to listen to music on your phone steer clear well over the one touch ultra Idol. Making can only accept us, it was planted to the thinnest cell phone world and ask, it was worth it?There are the key under the back of the screen House and multi-tasking, which not always sensitive leads to punctures, some bags were frustrating. But Android screen alcatel idol ultra white jelly bean is sensitive and works very well for a pleasant experience - assuming, that you touch the keys should not be. Alcatel developed a clear skin on the jelly bean, change the program icons and quick setup add the notification bar. It is certainly more than an overlay of aesthetics as the core of the experience, the jelly bean is still there, even if we are not big fans of the icon design, the system a little by little fairy looks like. This means a large number of core Android 4 1.1 functions exist in one touch ultra Idol, including the common keyboard, by you a decent way text input and the large touch screen, it is easy to write. The Web browser is the default Android offering, while Google chrome was also installed, offers a range of applications accessing the Internet - even if we were able to due to the lack of a Web connection. The camera is an another backup application jelly bean, an intuitive system of Google offers luxury features such as panoramic and ball screen, but also such pillars of the white balance, scene modes, movie recording. The camera itself is an offer of 8 mega pixels and it goes easy on the back of the phone, and we're willing to bet that at the moment the idol of the OneTouch Ultra not 6 45. is there a single LED Flash on the left side and can 720 p camera, around until there is a 1. Objective 3 mega-pixel location, recording in 720 p, but the quality is not good. Shutter speed is fast enough, with the idol ultra touch on us, take pictures in rapid succession, although the results were not quite as stellar. We have the pictures from Alcatel support seems somewhat blurry and pixelated, which is disappointing for a laptop that looks like your elbows at the top end of the market. Hands on the comments I am a first impressions of the journalist a bit wild on the basis of in the course of time with him. It may be only a few minutes or a few hours. The important thing is that they could play with us, and that there is an idea of what you should use, even if there is only one embryonic vision. For more information, ensure the topic user with a TechRadar. .